Welcome to the AP Government wiki. Please fasten your seat belts and come along for the ride!

I've been alerted to an issue about the wiki. Namely, if two people are editing at the same time from the same base page and both submit, the later of the two submissions is the only one being recorded. I've asked the wikispaces help desk for support with this issue. In the meantime, to try to minimize issues, please do the following:

1. When possible, compose your text in an outside program such as Word, then copy and paste your edits. This can also help with some of the spelling issues I've been seeing :-)

2. Try not to spend too long at any one time editing without doing a save. This at least will minimize the amount of data loss.

3. Double-check after a few minutes. If your information turns up missing...go back to the history, copy and paste it back in, and update again.

Hopefully we'll find a solution. I'm really excited about the amount of information on the wiki so far and I'm looking forward to seeing us fill this thing up!


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Foundations of American Government, the Constitution, and Federalism

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